My Formal Lover

4 episodes

A millionaire fashion designer Polina Geller needs an accompanying partner at a state reception – she has quarreled with her suitor Leonid Raevsky. Polina draws in a handsome photographer Stasik. Firstly the young paparazzo copes with the task, but then he breaks the contract and passionately falls in love.


All This Rock-n-roll

4 episodes

Petya Bezrukov is common mechanic who dreams of becoming a star. Once his boss (Leonid Rayevskyi) sends him to the opening ceremony to the cultural center. Young administrator (Tanya) mistakes him for Rayevsky. Petya gets into the role and doesn’t argues with Tanya but tries to show the best correlation with his new status. The girl doesn’t suspect what efforts cost for Petya to get money for the beautiful courting. But further we’ll see what is “almighty” Petya able for, when Tanya faces insoluble problems.


The Wedding Planner

4 episodes

Ulyana works in the wedding planning agency and dreams of marrying a millionaire. Once she gets working on a very complicated project – organization of the golden wedding for the parents on Leonid Rayevskyi. Ulyana finds it a very hard tag to make the ceremony and to fulfil desires of both old people who are constantly arguing with each other. The girl becomes filled with warmness towards this intolerable but fascinating couple and understands that they have lived hard but interesting life together. We’ll see if Ulyana changes her calculating life’ plans or continues craving for illusive happiness.




Director: Natalia Hlopezkaya

Director of photography: Evgeny Hlopezky

Script writer: Natalia Hlopezkaya

Producers: Ruben Dishdishyan, Aram Movsesyan, Elena Denisevich

Starring: Lyubov Tolkalina, Dmitry Maryanov, Sasha Strizhenova, Sergey Chirkov, Paul Priluchny, Viktor Dobronravov, Ksenia Radchenko, Yulia Kokryatskaya, Ludmila Chursina, Alexander Mikhailov

Год(ы) выпуска: 2013