Young girl is killed in the city. The note made with blood is found at the site of the crime: “Yanus. I’m back.” It looks like there is a serial killer in the city. Alexey is charged with the investigation and he is the best detective who shows unbelievable investigating abilities. But it becomes not easy at all to unravel the case this time. Alexey finds himself the primary suspect. He realizes that he is not the one whom he is considered to be. He finds the wig with blood and many bundles of banknotes at his home. But it’s still a question — who is he and why he doesn’t remember anything? What is the reason of all the happening — is it a psycho illness or a result of some terrible experiment? The resolution is unbelievable.

Director Roman Mushegyan

Director of photography Suren Tadevosyan

Writer Mikhail Pogosov

Producer Mikhail Pogosov

Cast: Anatoly Smiranin,  Armen Dzhigarkhanyan,  Eugenia Serebrennikova,  Vyacheslav Kulakov, Alexander Rappoport

Год(ы) выпуска: 2014