Misha Golikov is madly in love with the most beautiful girl in the whole world. Six months after nothing is still overshadowing happiness of the couple, until one day Misha meets Yulia’s parents – General Makar Ilyich and his wife Vera Vasilyevna. General is getting on Misha’s nerves – young man survives all the tests, just slightly embellishing his biography. Trying to look good, he vividly describes his parents’ life, full of adventures, both of whom in fact does not exist. An innocent lie leads to unexpected consequences. General insists on the immediate acquaintance with young man’s parents. Misha hires two professional actors, who suppose to act as his mom and dad. The «pretenders», trying to do their best, do not notice how they, step by step, are ruining Misha’s life.  

Director Olga Land

Director of photography Ilya Pugachev

Writers: Sergey Tkachev, Olga Land, Yuriy Sychev

Producers:  Ruben Dishdishyan, Ioganna Aleksanyan

Cast: Olga Prokofyeva, Vladimir Fokov, Irina Byakova, Aleksandr Andrienko, Nikita Yuranov, Anastasiya Evgrafova, Yuliya Sules, Mikhail Filippov

Год(ы) выпуска: 2016