30-year-old Svetlana Filippova is a wonderful mother and wife. She has everything for a happy family for sure: her son Antoshka, beloved husband Sergey and a cosy two-room apartment on the outskirts of Moscow they are about to pay off the mortgage for. All of a sudden, one Sunday morning a stranger appears at their doorstep. The news he's bringing is going to change the lives of the Filippov family once and forever – it turns out that Sergei has a 13-year-old daughter, whose mother had recently died of cancer. Sergey admits he knew nothing about the child, but they are not going to leave the orphan girl living with her father, right?
So young Marina appears at Filippov's place. She turns out to be arrogant, moody and a spoiled teenager. Relationship between Marina and Svetlana doesn't seem to be working out, while the mordant girl can't find a common language with her stepmother. Family life turns into a nightmare, Sergei feels guilty and almost never stays at home. But Svetlana is ready to do anything to stop being a stepmother and become a mother.

Director Alexander Aravin

Director of photography Viktor Novozhilov

Writers: Elena Denisevich, Elina Stolova

Producers: Ruben Dishdishyan, Elena Denisevich

Cast: Darya Kalmykova, Dmitriy Ulyanov, Darya Andreeva, Andrey Ushakov, Vitaliy Khodin, Ekaterina Solomatina

Год(ы) выпуска: 2016