The war veteran, the agent and the captain Michasev was commanded to create a secret-service group of four men for an especially important task. Imagine the surprise of a professional soldier when he realizes that «these men» are unpracticed girls, yesterday's schoolgirls. They’d think more of dance, not of shooting and reconnoitering! Finally, they will have to penetrate to the enemy territory under the guise of actresses, to speak to the Germans and, would having lulled their vigilance, destroy the communication node.

Director: Alexander Franskevich-Laie

Script writer: Alexey Dudarev

Operator: Vadim Potev

Producers: Elena Denisevich, Aram Movsesyan, Alexander Franskevich-Laie

General producer: Ruben Dishdishyan

Starring: Alexey Guskov, Evgeniya Brik, Natalia Bystrova, Anna Ryzareva, Olga Shuvalova, Veronica Plyashkevich

Год(ы) выпуска: 2013