Lyudmila is 38. Fortieth anniversary is just around the corner and, looking back at her life, she realizes there’s not much she can remember. The only bright thing in her routine life, which consists of a part-time job as a nurse, taking care after her sick mother and raising her daughter, are her husband’s Nikolay rare home visits – Nikolay is a truck driver. Lyuda, who is used to see the bright side in any situation is quite satisfied with her fate, only sometimes missing her youth and unfulfilled dreams. One day her regular life is disrupted: she receives a letter from Nikolay where he says that he had met another woman in Moscow and is leaving Lyuda for her. Lyudmila goes to the capital to bring her husband back but suddenly becomes part of an extraordinary plan of a mysterious and offish man, who makes her dream come true and gives her wings.


Director Alexander Aravin

Director of photography Victor Novojilov

Writer Elina Kurbatova

Producers:  Ruben Dishdishyan, Ioganna Aleksanyan

Cast: Anna Banshchikova, Ilya Drevnov, Aleksey Medvedev, Anastasiya Timushkova, Ekaterina Kulchitskaya, Tatyana Tashkova

Год(ы) выпуска: 2016