Sasha Korzukhina is a talented restorer, who’s one day being invited to a Vera Mayakina’s private gallery. Sisley’s landscape is on sale and Sasha is offered to do the restoration. Before she even starts, Sasha gets a warning from a man named Gayev. He asks for a meeting, but they doesn’t get a chance to talk – the man’s car explodes with Gayev sitting inside. And the painting Sasha is supposed to do seems at least kind of strange to her. First, somebody has already starting restoring the picture, second – it depicts something that cannot be there. While captain Grekov is investigating the murder case, Sasha is trying to solve this painting’s mystery and a few others ones. All of them are connected with Mayakina’s gallery and are not only mysterious, but also dangerous. Will Sasha find all the answers and save herself? Or the price for a key for this case is her own life?
Director Stanislav Nazirov Director of photography Igor Minakov Writers: Dmitry Shutko, Natalya Shishkova, Olga Motina Producers:  Dmitry Shutko, Ruben Dishdishyan Cast: Elena Velikanova, Dmitriy Bederin, Lyubov Germanova, Valeriy Storozhek, Maksim Shchegolev, Sergey Podolnyy, Evgeniy  Danchevskiy

Год(ы) выпуска: 2017