Grigory Rasputin was killed in December, 1916. And in February of 1917 the autocracy in Russia collapsed. By decree of the provisional government the state Commission is set up to investigate the murder. The investigator Henry N. Switten questioned over a hundred and fifty people who witness of the case. Bit by bit he collects not only information on that terrible night, but the facts of life «the elder», filtering out all the rumors and speculation about his acts. Finally he has a grip who really was mighty favorite Grigory Efimovich Rasputin.

Director: Andrey Malyukov

Operator: Alexey Fedorov

Script writer: Eduard Volodarsky, Ilya Tilkin

Producers: Elena Denisevich, Aram Movsesyan

General producer: Ruben Dishdishyan

Cast: Vladimir Mashkov, Ekaterina Klimova, Andrey Smolyakov, Ingeborga Dapkunaite

Год(ы) выпуска: 2014

Festivals and awards: