Natalia Baranova becomes chief technologist of a new merged perfumery concern "Novaya Era"/"Dukh Sovietov". Her realtionship with Aleksander are much more serious and comprehended – not only work bounds them now but also a mutual home. But gradually little issues at work and at home turn into a series of family dramas, and, eventually, routine replaces euphoria. Besides, Natalia and Aleksander seems to have very different opinions on how to run a prefume business. Baranova is still participating in "Dukh Sovietov"'s life and one day learns the news that "Novaya Era" is going to lay off some employees from their new branch. While fighting for the rights of her co-workers, Natalia discovers Aleksander's deputy cranking a scheme at the factory behind his back. On the other hand there's another problem: a foreign concern "Belle" bursts into the market, planning to knock "Novaya Era" off the pedestal.
Natalia manages to beat her rivals, save her love and create a new flavor – "Schastie!"


Directors: Igor Roizman, Olga Land

Operator Ilya Pugachev

Writers: Marietta Zakharyan, Anna Rulevskaya, Vera Bolotina

Producer Ioganna Aleksanyan

General producer: Ruben Dishdishyan

Cast: Mariya Kulikova, Natal'ya Rogozhkina, Elena Sanaeva, Semen Shkalikov, Aleksandr Nikitin, Anastasiya Zakharova, Dmitriy Ratomskiy, Anna Popova, Aleksandr Pashutin

Год(ы) выпуска: 2017