Eva Zarinskaya lost her memory after a car accident 11 years ago. She only knows her past thanks to the stories her husband Dmitriy is telling her. After spending some time abroad, both of them return home. Strange things start to happen to Eva: she's seeing weird dreams, and is being hunted by an image of her little daughter in unexpected memories she suddenly starts to remember. Only, according to Dmitriy, she never had any children. But can he be trusted? The doubt increases, and there's more – Eva can't understand who this person she's been living for so many years really is. Desperatewly trying to remember things from her past, Eva starts an investigation, the results of which almost kill her.

Director Darya Semenova

Director of photography Vyacheslav Kazantsev

Writer Olga Motina

Producers: Ruben Dishdishyan, Dmitriy Shutko

Cast: Polina Filonenko, Alena Sevastova, Stepan Beketov, Kirill Zaporozhskiy, Evgeniy Tirskikh, Dmitriy Podnozov, Oksana Bazilevich


Год(ы) выпуска: 2018