Gleb lives for fun. He doesn't get attached to anything or anyone and is not planning to start a family. But getting a heir is a completely different thing. He contacts an agency and hires Masha, who should give birth to his son, get her money and disappear.
But somehow, there's a change of plans – after the birth of his son Masha stays in Gleb's home, keeps house, raises the boy, whom everyone calls Blink for his happy smile. Seven years passes and Gleb realizes that has already played enough with the "family game" and returns to his previous lifestyle. Masha, not wanting to put up with it, leaves with the boy. Gleb and Masha begin a fierce battle for their son. The finest lawyers, money, contacts, and, finally, the law itself are on Gleb's side. On Masha's – only the love of the Blink.

Director Maxim Brius

Director of photography Vladimir Brylyakov

Writers Yulia Baeva

Produсer Ruben Dishdishyan

Cast: Alexander Ustyugov, Galina Sumin, Nicholas Kozak, Valery Shkirando Kirill Poluhin Irina Bezrukov, Galina Bokashevskaya


Год(ы) выпуска: 2016