Galina is a chief editor at a major newspaper. She's just gone through a emotional divorce and refuses to believe in the existence of love – there's only work for her now. But when her newspaper publishes a sensational investigation report about businessman Vyacheslav Andreev's fraud, it jeopardizes her career: one of her sources of information turns out to be unconfirmed and Adreev sues the paper for slander. To avoid a trial and to save her face, Galina decides to find dirt on businessman.
She travels to the village to find an important witness – Mikhail Leontyev, a doctor. It seems that doctor's wife has died because of Andreev's. Mikhail lives alone in a solitary neighborhood an refuses to talk to journalists. But gradually Galina finds comon language with him and soon starts to consider Mikhail not only as a source of intel but as an interesting man too. As a result, Mikhail not only helps Galina with her investigation but also melts her "stone heart".  


Director Alexander Aravin

Director of photography Viktor Novozhilov

Writer Elina Kyrbatova

Producer Ruben Dishdishyan

Cast: Ekaterina Volkova, Vladimir Koshevoy, Sasha Velner, Ekaterina Dolgova, Natalya Grinshpun, Marta Drozdova, Irina Byakova, Anton Afanasyev, Aleksandr Andrienko

Год(ы) выпуска: 2016