Alexandra Korzukhina is suffering nightmares and an obsession with the idea that she is destroying the men she loves. Grekov asks Sasha to help with uncovering the murder of artist Marenkov. Grekov wants to investigate the case by himself in order to regain his position in the criminal department. Sasha agrees when she learns that her teacher Boris Andreevich Lukyanov, who still blames Korzukhina for the death of her first husband, the talented artist Ivan, is involved in the case. Sasha decides to talk to her teacher alone.

It turns out that it was Boris Andreevich who led Marenkov to the order which caused his death. Marenkov was copying a rare collection of engravings made at the studio of the very Albrecht Dürer. Experts call this series the “Black Widow Collection. 

Korzukhina continues her investigation, but soon finds herself drawn into a mortal game. Boris Andreevich tragically dies, and all the evidence points to Sasha. The police begin a hunt for someone who copies engravings, and the main suspect is Korzukhina.  In order to escape and save her family, Sasha is forced to come up with her own rescue plan.

Год(ы) выпуска: 2021