13.04.2016 / MARS MEDIA to make a sci-fi action «Coma»

MARS MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT is joining Enjoy Movies and Renovatio Entertainment in developing a sci-fi action movie «Coma». 

«I’m really enjoying our partnership that began a few years ago with the movie «The Earthquake», - says head of MME Ruben Dishdishyan. «Today the work on the film is in its final stage, and all of us agreed that we’d like to continue our collaboration. I was asked to read the script of «Coma» and it really did impress me. It’s quite exceptional, we haven’t done anything like that before»

The filming is about to start in summer of 2016. Estimated budget is about 350 mln rubles. «Coma» will be produced by Ruben Dishdishyan from MARS MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT, Sarik Andreasyan and Gevond Andreasyan from Enjoy Movies and Vladimir Polyakov from Renovatio Entertainment.

 Directed by Nikita Argunov. 


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